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Can you understand me while I read this passage?

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101. What difficulties do you think you'll encounter in your studies in Britain/Canada/Australia?

  黄金年代、 第一句话(first word)。看到考官的首先句话,很入眼,不用说的很复杂。能够是四个轻易易行句,但鲜明要鸣笛有力。 体现出自信和实力。千万不要来一句“sorry, my English is poor”。不闻不问的开端有: I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. I’m ..., my Number is …交大北大等高校插手面试的考生超多,或许对考生有四个号码,说一下协和的数码显得很专门的学业,正式。

Text 1.

Ok, so after I listen, I listened your article, I found in the website I found your article is mainly on the, on the what, on the connection of this two person, right?

Well, besides initial language difficulties, I'll have to adjust to a different system of education and research. I've heard that students are usually quite active in the classroom and often ask questions of their professors. We don't do that at all in China, but I do think it's a good way to learn. In China, we aren't taught to question the professor nor the textbook. But in Britain, I know that it's important to not just accept what you hear or read without trying to truly understand it. On a minor note, I'll be a bit confused at first about using the library, and I won't know exactly what to do when I want to buy a meal in the cafeteria.

  二、作自告奋勇——成长资历(making a self-introduction ——developing history)。有不知凡几学校要求做三个自告奋勇,这一难题不要在请你大谈你的私家历史。考官是要在您的介绍中追寻关于您本性、经历、志向和生存重力的线索。

W: What did you do yesterday evening, Jack?


102. Can you imagine what life in Britain/Canada/Australia will be like?


M: I watched TV, and before that, I read a local newspaper after an hour’s walk with my parents.

So, while now I have just read this paragraph, it’s mainly at, also focus on, focus on the special, the special presentation of this movie. The same day they met with each other and they, they are experiencing their most important day of one year. Can you understand me?

I have seen many pictures of Canada. I'm looking forward to the fresh air and beautiful

  三、若考官问别的的,未有听精晓,能够说"could you speak slowly ?"or"sorry,I didn`t prepare for this question"相信英语口语菜的人民代表大会有其人,豁出去了 保持微笑:I am sorry! I beg your pardon? I don't understand your question,Could you repeat it again?Sorry, I don't know. (I am little acquainted with the aspect of special knowledge)But I wish I can have a chance to learn more deeply the knowledge under your direction 。

Text 2.


scenery. In some ways I can just picture me there. But, I've never been to Canada before, so what I picture now, I'm sure, is not even close to what it will actually be like. Even though some of my friends have already immigrated to Canada or they're studying, I can only get a partial glimpse of what it will be like. I'm looking forward to the adventure!


W: Do you know where Tom is now, Mike? Jack wants to have a talk with him.

You can, you can talk, you can say something.

103. How do you think you'll feel being so far away from your family?

  注目的在于筹算的历程中,要组成本身的涉世和观点来计划答案,让本身答复的难题和万事的自告奋勇融为三个完整。要不然十分轻易被考官抓住把柄,问个没完,相当的轻易因恐慌而狐狸尾巴。   在一年一度的面试中都会有相当多同等的主题材料,这个主题材料看起来很平时,却有过多陷阱,一超大心就能够被考官抓主小辫子了。回答这个科普的看起来很平凡的主题材料,是很有艺术的。

M: Sorry, Alice, but you can call him up. His phone number is …

This love movie, the most impressed, the most impressed of this movie is that their love story is so …. You know they met with each other one year after year and after many years they get together,  too heart

Of course I will miss them deeply, but we plan to email each other a lot. I know that my family will be alright in China, and probably they will be more worried about me than I will be about them.There's no doubt that it will be a sacrifice for us to be apart during my time in Australia, but as the old saying goes, "No pains, no gains."

  "What can you tell me about yourself?" ("关于您自身,你能告诉本身些什么?")

W: I know, but his phone is turned off.

You think it’s impossible for people to meet with each other every year in the same day

104. What do you want/intend to study?

  This is not an invitation to give your life history. The interviewer is looking for clues about your character, qualifications, ambitions, and motivations. 不完全黄金时代致自笔者说大话,选后生可畏局地。

M: Then, you can ask Betty. Maybe she knows where he is.


I plan to study Business. Hopefully at the master's degree level. I've heard that if I can get an MBA from a university in the West, my chances of getting a good job in a joint-venture company is very good. If I can't get into Business, then I hope to study Computers. Business is really my first choice, though.

  "What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?"

W: OK. I’ll try.

So they skipped, They skipped two or three years. Last night, I have deliberately write down the day they met with each other and I found in the 18 years they have skipped several years. They don’t met with each other in that year. You can’t remember it, right?

105. Which university are you going to study at?

  If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree. After graduating received doctorate degree, I wanted to teach in university, and continue research in Archaian(古代的) literature field, I hope I can have some achievement in my major。

Text 3.

Yes, that maybe Emma had another boy friend?

It's a small university in eastern Canada called Mount Allison University. It has a very beautiful campus, but it's quite remote. The nearest town is at least an hour's drive away. It'll be quite a change from living in a big city, but I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet.

  3. "What is your greatest strength"?" ("你最优良的助益是怎样?")  那是你"展现本人"的极品机遇,不要夸口本身或过度自负,但要让雇主知道您相信自个儿,你知道自身的亮点。

M: It hasn’t rained for months in Yunnan. The people’s life is very difficult there.

Yeh, but I think the guy, Detric has too many girl friends

106. Why did you choose this university? Could you tell me why you chose to study at (name of university)?

  "I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I'd planned. I've set some high goals for myself. For example, I want to graduate with highest distinction.  如可答:"作者觉着笔者最大的长处是能够执着地努力把作业办好。当作完生龙活虎件专门的学问而其成果又正合笔者的预想时,笔者会有意气风发种真正的成就感。笔者给本身定了部分高指标。比方说,小编要成为美好的结束学业生。

W: Yes. We are called on to give a bottle of water each to them by the League and Young Pioneer.

Yes, he is handsome.

a. The London School of Economics is especially famous for Business and Economics. I have been in contact with some professors at the university, and Professor Duncan will be my supervisor for my research project. His work is right along the same lines as my research work in China. We're quite excited about the chance to work together, because we both feel that we can learn from each other, and also bring the best of the East and the West in Economic research.

  4、 "What is your greatest weakness?"("你最大的缺欠是怎么?")  你不应有说您未有其他缺欠,以此来躲避那一个标题;每一种人皆有缺点。最棒计谋是认可你的缺点,但与此相同的时候申明你在赋予校订,并有击败瑕疵的计划。

Text 4.

Yeh, he is so handsome and I think he is a little bit look, looks like, em, the guy in the Downton. 唐顿庄园里面包车型地铁不得了大大哥. So, firstly, you can say something about yourself, you felt about this movie and talked about it.

b. (Name of university) is famous for my major. I have been in contact with some professors at the university, and Professor (last name) will be my supervisor for my research project.

  Maybe because I am young people, I am a short fuse girl in daily life, fortunately I have realized it was disadvantage, and I am trying my best to get rid of it。

W: How about your exam last week?

Yes, about this movie, the first time I watch (wash) this movie, maybe six or seven years ago, you know, I first watched this movie I loved it very much and after that I watched it several times. And every time I watched it again, I have different feeling. I think it’s a little complicated. They are friends at begin.

107. Where are you going to study in Britain/Canada/Australia, and why?

  5. How do you feel about your progress to date?对于你至今所获取的腾飞你是怎样看的? 绝不要对您早前的行为表示抱歉。

M: I got 126 grades in math and 97 in English.

Yeh. You have just said that you have watched it several times during the past six years.

In Toronto. There are three reasons for this: Firstly, it's in the south of Canada, where the climate is suitable for Chinese. Another reason is that there are many Chinese in Toronto. Finally, the University of Toronto, the biggest university in Canada, is located in this city. I was eager to study at this university after I visited their web site.

  "I think I did well in school. But I am clear that I still have a long way to walk to realize my dream and finally achieve self-value. I will try my best。

W: What about your Chinese and other subjects?


108. What are your plans in Britain/Canada/Australia?

  What has been your greatest accomplishment?

M: Sorry. I felt ill in history exam and was advised to go to the clinic when I finished half of physics, so I missed other subjects.

So, but this is a second time I watched this movie, I also watched it about, in 2012. I graduated from high school and in that summer I watches, and I watched this loves, this loved film, and then after six years now. Last night, I watched it again. The first, you said that you loved it all the time, but I have to be frank, I , I found it’s its beauty last night. At first I , I am a little bit, how to say, I don’t like this kind of love story, I think they should, they should fall in love with each other, but they, but they stopped. They loved each other, but they got along with each other for more than, more than 12 years as best friends. I, I , so you just mentioned that word, complicated. I agreed with you.

a. I plan to study at Monash University under Professor Smitty. That should take me about 4 to 5 years to complete a doctorate. While I'm studying, I'll also be doing a lot of research in my field, and hopefully I'll be able to contribute to Professor Smitty's work. Besides the academic side, I do plan to travel all over Australia and see the sites. I want to really get a good sense of Australia and how people think and live there.

  I will try my best to accomplish my plan as soon as I make a good choose, and I am not distracted by circumstance and I never give up my choose, such as this postgraduate exams。

Text 5.

Yes, I think it’s why, it’s so

b. I've thought about this for a long time. As you know, I'm married, and my wife gave birth to our first child at the beginning of the year. So, though we applied for immigration as a family, I have to go to Canada first because my baby is too young. When I arrive in Canada, I must solve the accommodation problem by using my savings. Then, I'll try to find a job to provide for my family. Finally, I hope to study part time for a master's degree if I can find a job, or I'll have to apply for a loan to study full-time if I am unable to find a job. After a maximum of six months when everything is organized, my wife will bring our daughter to Canada. Then, as a family, we will build our life together in this new country.


W: Can we go to the concert this evening?

It’s ok, you can think about it and you can say it slowly. It’s ok.

109. What do you hope to gain most from your study abroad?

  What are some of the things you find difficult to do?

M: Oh, I’m busy with my essay. What about this weekend?

Yeh, so I think that’s why. Their relation is at that time I thought in really whether there is a relationship like me in our life. As you know, sometimes people also said, “ girl and boy can, can not be true friends. They are no true friendship unless there is one loved someone in deep heart.”

I hope to have a broader understanding of life in general. I know that I've lived a fairly

  I don’t discouragement, on the contrary, I will actively think measure to conquer it and put measure into practice, I am sure I will succeed in the end。

W: I’ll have an appointment with Jack.

Yes, so in this relationship One Day, this film Emma loves, loved detrix. And I’m very moved about the last part about this film. It tells us the beginning of their, of their relationship. They, they climbed the mountain and they found they had a crush on each other. They chased each other and they planned to have a sex but detrix’s father and mother come early. So they, their relationship stops as best friends. Can you remember this?

sheltered life from the outside world so far, and there is much to learn from living and studying abroad. I really want to improve my English to the point when it's second nature to me. Also, I want to be able to take the best from the two cultures (that of the East and the West) and live my life with the best of both.

  What is the worst thing you have heard about our university?

Text 6


110. What do you think your studies abroad will do for your career?

  To tell the truth, I don’t completely know our university, I know it only by internet and some students, so I don’t randomly value it, but during my preparing this postgraduate exams, I obtained some helps coming from our university. They were very warmhearted, and I very appreciate them. In a word, I have very good impression about our university。

W: Hi, how are you today?

Yes, I am very impressed about this part, because detrix watched Emma watched away. Detrix watched her still at her with a love in his eyes. But I, but they didn’t, they didn’t have the real relationship until 12 or even 13 years while detrix has experienced happiness and sorrow and he get back to Emma, finally. It’s like a little bit pity. What do you think?

It will help me to get a good job when I return to China. I know that if I want to work in a


M: I’m OK. But I’ve been feeling a little strange。

Yes I think the man is handsome and there are many beautiful girls in his side. And these girl is cute but she is, why she can not more encourage, encouraged.

joint-venture company, I really must have fluent English, and preferably also a degree from a western university. Also, in order to work well with American or British colleagues at work, I think it's important to really understand where they are coming from. By studying abroad, I'll have first-hand knowledge of what people in America think and why they think this way. I'm sure this will help me relate better to my western counterparts.

  Describe your best friend and what he or she does for a living。

W: Really?


111. What kind of differences in the cultures are you expecting between China and the UK?

  First of all, I have many good friends; we often study, discuss and play in harness. To speak of my best friend, maybe it belongs to **, she is a warmhearted, hardworking strong-minded girl, we were favor in discussing some our interesting questions.She also took the postgraduate exams, and obtained very good result. I heartily hope she has a happy future。

M: Yes, yesterday I was feeling very happy, but today I’ve been feeling a little sad.

I think she should tell or she

I think the UK will be more religious than China, and I'm looking forward to visiting a church there. Also, business in the UK will be more formal — based on contracts, and a lot less on connections. I think that will be a bit hard to get used to. And, I think that life will move at a faster pace in Britain. I am not really looking forward to that, but I think I'll probably adjust after a while. I'm certain there are going to be other major differences that I'll encounter — perhaps in mindset or attitude, but I think I'll have to experience those things before I can really understand them.


W: Why? What’s the matter?

Kill what she thought?

112. What effect do you think your studies will have on your career when you get back to China?

  In what ways are you similar or different from your best friend?

M: I don’t know. Maybe I’ve been studying too hard and I should relax more。

Care , care.

If I can acquire some international management experience, I would have an opportunity to find a senior position with a Chinese company, because most companies now must cooperate with multinational corporations.

  I think we have many similar characters, such as warmhearted, hardworking etc. To mention difference, I think the big difference is that she do anything slowly, on the contrary, I am short fuse. Maybe we can supervise and urge both sides, so we are very good friends。

W: Yes, I understand. Are you worried about the test next week?

What do you think about Emma?

113. What do you intend to do after you graduate?


M: Yes, I’m really worried about it. I am afraid I will fail。

Emma, Emma, she loved dedex from beginning but she, she is afraid, she is afraid when she tell what her, what she, what her feeling. They can not be friends. So she want to, she wants to maintain their relationship and their connection in this way.

I plan to return to China and get a good job or if I have further opportunity, I hope to do some further study in my field once I complete this degree. It's hard to really say what I'll be doing after my studies, because I do think that many doors will be open to me once I complete a degree in Canada. I really do intend to return to China and working in some capacity here. But, it really depends where I can get a good job.

  Are you a happy person?

W: You shouldn’t worry. You are so clever!

Yeh. I think she also, she is also not confident about her talent and her beauty and her charm. About while they graduated from their, from their university around three or four years. Detric and Emma had a conversation. He told her, “ I think  if you want me to give you a gift for the rest of your life, I will give you confidence” and the boyfriend Emma’s boyfriend also told Emma that she is, she should be confident.

114. What will be some of your challenges you foresee when you come back to China?

  Yes, of course. First, I have a happy family, I love my parents and they love me, too. Second, I have a health body. Finally, I study the major that I very like. Though I have no many money, but I don’t envy people who own much money, I can create life by my both hands, I think I am very happy。

M: Thank you. That makes me feel better!

Yes, and you know the clothes about Emma in this film is changed a lot.

I have heard that some people have a "reverse" culture shock when they return to China. I think that I might have that same feeling. It'll be another kind of adjustment to return to my homeland after having spent so much time studying abroad. I'll certainly see things with a new perspective. In terms of a job, I don't think I'll have a problem getting a good job, actually a better job, when I return to China.


W: Good, so are you happy now?


115. Do you think you'll have any problems adjusting back to life in China?

  If you failed this time what will you do in the near future?

M: Yes, I’m happier. But I think that we should have some fun. Then I will be much happier!

Yes, at first she has curled hair and black glasses and looks and looks, looks like a common girl but at last especially that she wore 旗袍 it’s amazing.

Well, it may take me some time to get used to my culture again. I don't really know how big that adjustment will be though. Also, I'll have to look for a new job and probably a new placeto live. That won't really be a big problem, but it will take some time to settle back down. I've also heard that sometimes people don't really adjust at all back to their homeland. They've tasted life abroad and they feel kind of boxed in once they return. I might feel like that too, but I hope not.

  I very clear that life is not successful at any time, it is full of challenge, so I prepare for receiving challenge coming from life and I also tell myself I never give up at any moment. Now, I also receive challenge, I only think try my best to pass this challenge. No matter what result is. I never give up my pursuit and my dream。假若此番你没戏了您会怎么样做,在不久的明日?小编很领会,生活并不会任何时候都很成功,它是满载挑衅,所以笔者希图接收生活中的挑战,作者也告诉自身,笔者永恒不会放任在其余时候。现在,小编也负责挑战,笔者只是感觉,尽作者所能通过这意气风发挑战。无论如何结果。小编用于不会抛弃自己的求偶和期待。

W: Ok, let’s go dancing with our friends. They can always make us laugh.

Beside this 旗袍, I think while Emma has a butch, the new hairstyle, the short, very short hairstyle and a blue dress, can you remember it? I think it’s very, very charming. It’s look like she is confident and she is, she is ready to, to hug with detrix

116. What kind of changes will you have to make when you come back to China? 


Text 7

At that time, she is a writer? As a writer, I think she is confident than before.

Yes. I'll have to look for a new job and another place to live. I have told my boss that I'm  going to study abroad. He said he would hold my job for me, but I don't think I want to resume the same position at the same company when I return. I will definitely be looking for something bigger and better. And, because my housing is linked with my current company, if I don't continuethere, I'll have to find a new place to live.

  What kinds of opportunities are you looking for? I think that life fills with opportunities; people try their best to looking for opportunities, of course, including me. But I think the most important is how you seize every opportunity to make you succeed。

M: I’m so angry! My parents made me stay at home in the holidays because I didn’t do well in the test!

Maybe detrix is too handsome, so she thought she way plain and too plain to dating with him. So what do you think, have you ever have a friend like that detrix?

117. Do you think there might be a gap between what you learned from your studies and the level of knowledge you will encounter on arrival?


W: Oh no! That’s a shame. But I think that they want you to work hard at school。

Yes, there is a boy. We are, we are classmate at middle school. We always are good friends. And after, and after graduating from high school, about five or six years, one day my best friends told me that that boy loved me. I am surprised.

a. I don't think there will be much gap because I read all the latest research that is being  conducted in my field. I know that some people think we are all backwards in China, and we are just learning things that people in America learned ten or even twenty years ago. But, I have been reading everything I can find in my field and area of research. Certainly the Internet has closed much of that gap.

  Say a little about your educational background.I come from a suburb of Luoyang。

M: But I do try hard! I study all the time. I think it’s very unfair. Sometimes it’s so difficult to live with my parents。

Yes, you should be surprised.

b. There will definitely be some gap because some of my subjects used older text books, and my professors in China didn't always keep at the forefront of their fields. I don't really know what the gaps will be, though. Some of my friends who went abroad said that it took them about a year to close the gap. They didn't elaborate on exactly what the gap was, but they said it was here and there. Not in any particular area. I'm expecting to encounter some gaps, but I believe through hard work, I will be able to handle them alright.

  My elementary school and my junior high school is located my village, I spend my elementary school and my junior high school during 1989 to1998. During 1998 to 2001, I study in my senior high school in Luoyang city. From two thousand and one to date, I studied in Luoyang normal college。

W: Yes, I know, but they want you to do well in school. That’s very important for you。

Yes, but I told my girlfriend, my best friends that I always treat him as best friends too. So I just want to maintain our friendship. So we are always friends ship.

118. Are there any special places you want to see in Canada? What are they?


M: Do your parents punish you often?

So now you are both best friends as before?

I want to see the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and I also want to visit Quebec. I have heard so much about the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Also, I heard that Quebec is quite different than the rest of Canada. Some of my friends told me that it's like visiting Europe. Even though I don't speak French, I think it will be a very interesting place to visit. Eventually, I hope that I can drive all across Canada and really spend time getting to see all the famous sites.

  What do you do in your spare time?

W: No, not often. If I try hard in the test, they are happy. They think that trying hard is the most important thing. But if I’m lazy they might do。


119. What kind of things do you particularly want to do in Canada that you can't do here?

  In my spare time, I like reading books, writing life sentiment, listening music, communicating with friends, and so on.16. What is your impression of Nanjing? Maybe because I have good impression to Nanjing people, I have good impression to Nanjing, Nanjing is the city that owns some history base, it is very good to me, I like this city。

M: I think sometimes my parents think I’m a child, but I’m older now. They don’t understand me。

Yes, it’s wonderful, yes.

I want to buy a car. In China it is so hard to buy a car. There are all kinds of restrictions. Even though I've had my driver's license for more than a year, I still haven't had much opportunity to drive. Many of my friends bought a car once they arrived in Canada. It's quite funny actually, because many Chinese are eager to buy their own car. Another thing I want to do is visit my former English teacher who lives in Vancouver now. I met her in 1992 when she taught me English at my university. We've kept intouch until now, so I hope I get a chance to meet up with her again.


W: Yes, this is a difficult time for parents and teenagers. But I think it’s normal. I think that parents and teenagers should try to be patient with each other。

Because he don’t know I know this thing.

120. How do you like your life in (name of university)?


M: Yes, but that’s easier said than done!

You mean your best girlfriend told you this reality?

a. I don't like it very much. The dormitory is very crowded, the food is tasteless and my

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W: I know. But you should try to understand each other more。

Yes, because my best friend, she told this a secret, then my best friend told me.

teachers aren't very inspiring. When I was a high school student, I was looking forward to university life so much. I'm quite disappointed, because it's really not what I expected. I know that I should probably make the best of the situation, but life is very boring for me right now and I have little motivation to look on the bright side of everything.


Text 8

It’s very good. So has he has a girlfriend now?

b. I like it alright. Sometimes it is a little sad to live in the university, but I have made many good friends and I enjoy my major. It was hard at first to live apart from my parents, but I think that it has been a good change for me. I am much more independent and more able to deal with troubles on my own. My courses are mostly interesting too, so I'm glad that I chose the major I did. I am kind of dreading the day when I graduate, because it'll mean that my university days are over.

M: When are you the happiest?


121. What do you think of the training you got at the university?

W: I think I’m when I’m singing. I love singing so much. When I sing I feel free. How about you?

So maybe he is waiting for you. It’s really fantastic. It’s really good. Because I, I thought it’s not about afraid or confidence, I think it’s about cherish.  He cherish this relationship with you. And maybe the best one is to be best friends.  You can be together for a long, long time, and you both of you will cherish it. Because once I have a good friend, I mean a good boy friend , it’s not about love, it’s about friendship. Before we graduated from middle school, he told me he wants to further the relationship but I rejected. So now so we get apart. If he never told me about this, maybe now we can maintain this relationship. So I think your best friend is,

a. I think most of my courses will be helpful in the future. My university has tried very hard to keep up to date with the latest developments in our field. Having said that, there are some compulsory classes which I have no interest in, like politics and history. But overall, I do think the university has provided me with a good education. I don't think it's possible to learn everything one would need for a job, but I am satisfied with my courses and know that they will give me a good start.

M: I’m the happiest when I play basketball. When I’m playing basketball I’m not worried about anything, and I’m not thinking about anything. When I’m playing basketball, everything is simple. What else do you love?

Smart .

b. I don't think it's very good. There are some compulsory classes which I have no interest in. Also, our facilities are not very modern, sothere are many things we cannot do.

W: I love my family, especially my grandmother. My grandmother is so kind and she always wants to help others. When I’m sad she makes me laugh. She tells me stories and teaches me many things。

Yes , smart, brilliant. Very good. I got a cold.

122. What aspect of English do you find the most difficult?

M: Yes, I also love my family very much. My parents work very hard and try their best to make me happy. They always love me and I will always love them and take care of them。


Pronunciation. I wish that I could speak just like a native speaker. But, once I open my mouth, it's so obvious that I'm not a native English speaker. I always have trouble with "l"s and "n"s. Sometimes I confuse them. Perhaps because in my dialect, we interchange them all the time. I'm not even aware that I'm doing this. So, I really have to concentrate when I speak English, so that I'm very careful to pronounce things correctly.

W: What do you hate?


123. Can you compare American English with British English?

M: I hate war and fighting. In history we learn about many wars, and it makes me angry. I think people should be kind to each other, not fight with each other. What about you?

  1. 介词用错。

  2. 用词轻松

Yes. It's much easier to understand for me because I've had 2 foreign teachers — one of whom was from America and the other from Canada. I find the American accent to be more natural and informal, while the British accent is somewhat proper and inaccessible in some ways.

W: I hate feeling sick. When I’m sick I feel helpless, and I can’t do the activities I enjoy or spend time with my friends。

124. What sports are played in your country?

Text 9

Ping pong and football are probably the most popular sports. China has a very large following of football fans. Even though our football teams don't do well in international competitions — like the World Cup, we still are crazy about football. Other sports that are played in China are badminton, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and tennis.

W: How should we behave in social life?

125. Could you describe the traditional architecture of your country?

M: I think people should trust each other and not be dishonest. People shouldn’t lie to each other。

Firstly, the buildings are made of wood or bamboo instead of stone or metal. Secondly, they are very high and always have curved eaves. Thirdly, the traditional buildings have doors and windows that are adorned with paintings.

奥门金沙国际唯一官方网址 ,W: But is lying always bad? Sometimes we need to lie to make people happy. If your ugly friend asks you “Am I beautiful?” what should you say? If you tell them the truth they might be very upset. You should tell them they are beautiful so they are happy。

126. Could you tell me why you chose to study at (name of university)?


Mostly because it's famous in my field, but I also want to study at the best university possible, so I applied for Beijing University. Also, because Beijing is the capital of China, and I always wanted to live in the capital city. I must say that I'm not disappointed at all in choosing Beijing University and the beautiful city of Beijing. But, the winters are really too cold for me.

127. What are the sporting facilities like in your hometown?

There aren't very many sporting facilities that are free and open to the public. To use most of the indoor facilities you must be a member. The outdoor fields are open to anyone. We have two indoor swimming pools, four football fields, and many basketball, badminton and volleyball courts. Also, there are a number of outdoor swimming pools, which are very popular, especially in the summer.

128. What are you going to major in?

I'm not exactly sure yet. Probably something in the area of Business. I hope to be able to take a few courses for the first year and find something that I really like. I really want to have the chance to try out the major before I commit myself totally to it. That's what I like about American colleges. There's so much flexibility in choosing your major.

129. Are you going to do your own cooking when you are at university?

I hope not. I'm not a very good cook. If I cook for myself, I'll definitely lose weight. I'm

hoping that the food in the cafeterias is not bad. Also, I hope that there is enough variety so that I won't have to continually eat the same thing again and again. If I have to cook, I can cook. It's not that I don't know how to, it's just that the food I cook doesn't really taste so good!

130. What do you think you will be doing in five years' time?

I hope to get back to China and have a steady job in a joint-venture company. Hopefully, I will have already completed my Master's degree in Canada, and will be nearly fluent in English. I also hope to be married and have at least one child by then. I hope that I can accomplish all these things. Five years is not very far away!

131. What are your goals in life?

My short-term goal is to improve my English and go abroad to study. My long-term goals include adjusting to a new country, getting a new job, having a family, and eventually owning my own business. I have a lot of goals in life, but some of them are really just dreams. I mean, I don't think I'll ever beable to attain them all.

132. What is the population control situation like in China today?

It's better than before. At least things are pretty much under control, but there are still a lot of people in China. I think everyone accepts the fact that they can only have one child. Some of my friends are even thinking of not having any children at all. Most of them, though, are delaying having children, because they're focusing more on their careers right now.

133. What is your opinion of family planning?

a. I agree with China's one-child policy. I think that China needs to control the population right now. How else can we make China strong and provide enough food and education for all the people? Perhaps in the future when our country is more developed, we can allow people to have more children. But for now, the government's policy on family planning is necessary.

b. I disagree with the one-child policy. I think people should be allowed to have as many  children as they want. There are a lot of families who need more than one child in order to take care of their farmlands. The peasants are the ones who are suffering the most, because in the past, they used to be able to have more than one child to help with the work. In the city, many families only

want to have one child anyway. I do hope that this policy will change very soon, because it's not a fair policy.

134. Why do people in China traditionally want to have a son?

Sons are preferred because they carry on the family name. Also, when they marry, their wife joins the family. This means that the parents gain a daughter-in-law. But when a daughter marries, she joins her husband's family. In the countryside, sons can also help more with work on the family's farm, just because they're stronger and have more endurance.

135. What is the birth control situation in the cities?

It's much stricter than in the countryside. There is a large financial penalty for couples who have more than one child. It's also probably easier for the government to monitor how many children are born into each family in the city than in the countryside, just because everyone lives so much closer together.

136. What is the situation in the rural areas in China?

It's not so easy to monitor and control the population growth in the countryside as in the city, because the countryside is so scattered. Besides, some farmers still give birth to more than one child in spite of the penalty from the government because they need sons to help with farm work and to take careof them when they grow old.

137. What is the cause of the rising birth rate in the rural areas in China?

Well, I think there are mainly three causes. First of all in the countryside, especially in underdeveloped areas where farm work is done mainly with manual labour, people want to have as many children as possible to help out in the field. Another reason is that many farmers are still quite conservative and prefer to have a son to carry on their family names. Besides, there is no retirement insurance in the rural areas, so farmers need more than one child to support them when they are too old to work.

138. What difficulties do Chinese farmers have concerning their old age?

They have no pension and therefore must rely on their families to support them. If they have a son, by tradition, he must take care of his parents. But, if it's a daughter, she leaves to join her husband's family, and there is no one left to provide for the parents in their old age. It's really a terrible situation for farmers, because they work so hard all their lives, and if they don't have a son, they have no security when they get old.

139. What do you think needs to be done in order to help farmers live a happier life?

Either he should be allowed to have a son, or the government should provide some sort of pension for farmers. I've heard of pension plans according to which the government helps farmers to put away some money each year so that they will have money when they retire. In addition, if the government were to provide some money to retired farmers each month, this would ease the burden considerably.

140. What sort of China would you like to see your children living in?

A country where there are equality and more opportunities for education, a more prosperous lifestyle, and a stronger country. I hope my child won't have to strive like a madman to get what most people can have in other countries. But on the other hand, I want my child to know the value of hard work. I hope China will have good relations with other countries too by the time my children are grown up.

141. Is there sex discrimination in China?

a. Yes, I think there is. I've heard of female students who have recently graduated from

university having a hard time getting employed. Some employers even blatantly told the female applicants that they were just looking for males. Also, once a woman is working in a company, there's what they call a "glass ceiling". This means that she cannot move to higher management positions, because there is a barrier. Usually equally qualified men don't have that same barrier.

b. No, not that I know of. In fact, I haven't encountered any sex discrimination myself. I think China treats men and women equally.

142. How would you sum up work conditions for women in China?

Women have almost equal opportunity with men. But in the countryside, women aren't treated very well still. In the city, educated women have excellent opportunities to get good jobs and move up the career ladder. But women in the countryside are treated almost like property. The less educated the woman or her husband is, the more likely it is that she will not be treated well.

143. What are the causes of sex discrimination?

I think there are three reasons for sex discrimination in China. One reason is the traditional concept of men playing the main role in family and in society. Secondly men bear the biggest burden of labour in the countryside. And thirdly, women are considered more dispensable than men in an economic recession.

144. Would you want your wife to continue with her career or stay at home taking care of the household after you get married?

If I have a good job, my wife can do whatever she wants. I think as long as she's happy, she can do whatever she likes, that's the main thing. If she wants to work, then I don't mind helping out more at home. If she is happier at home, then I'll be very happy to return to a nice dinner and a beautiful home from work.

145. Have you ever wished you were a man/woman? Why (why not)?

a. No, because I'm perfectly happy being female. I think if you wish to be the opposite sex, you're probably a bit mixed up. I've heard of people getting sex change operations because they really felt they were the opposite sex, even though their anatomy proved otherwise.

b. Once in a while, in certain situations I think it would be easier to be male. But, those times are few and far between. Like when I'm trying to carry something very heavy, I wish I were strong like a man. Or when I'm facing sex discrimination, I think, "If I were a man, I wouldn't be treated this way." But really, I'm very happy to be female overall.